Kingston Block Company; Inc.

Question:                Do you do any masonry work?         

Answer:                   Sorry we do not do any installation but we do have a list of  recommended contractors.


Question:                Do you have a return policy?

Answer:                   Yes, we will accept returns on all products in good condition other than special orders after a 20%

                                  restocking fee.


Question:                Do you deliver material?

Answer:                   We deliver our materials with a 30ft’ 10 wheel flat bed truck with an all-terrain piggy back forklift.                                    The forklift is 8 1/2’ wide.  The truck will hold on average 7 to 8 pallets depending on weight and                                     size.  Delivery is a minimum $100 per load and depends  distance.


Question:                How many shovels of sand do I mix with a 70lbs bag of mortar?

Answer:                   18 average size shovels and mix 5gal of water.


Question:                How many brick will a 70 lbs  bag of mortar lay?

Answer:                   About 1 bag to 100 brick.


Question:                How many 8” cement block can be laid with a 70 lbs bag of mortar?

Answer:                   1 70lbs bag does about 33 8” block or 3 bags to 100 Block.


Question:                How many bags of Portland cement to a yard of concrete?

Answer:                  6


Question:                When delivering to our yard with a Semi Trailer where should I enter?

Answer:                   Enter though the main street entrance from 3A North because right hand turns are tight.


Question:                What is better Clay or Cement pavers?           

Answer:                   There are pros and cons to each depending on patio or walkway location and preference.


Question:                Where should I park?

Answer:                   Anywhere except behind a truck being loaded or in front of any narrow entrance.